Case Studies

Identec Ltd is a component supplier and as such has no end user clients. Given our clients are OEM’s Original Equipment Manufacturers and major integrators who are working in the security industry there is a general reluctance in providing client names for successful site installations.

The following case studies detail actual solutions provided through different clients. They do not detail all applications as some are covered by non-disclosure agreements.  If further information is required please contact Identec Ltd.

See below for case studies showing how Identec products are currently being implemented.

Two Man Occupancy Rule

Cyphertag® provides a unique solution for monitoring office areas where it is essential to have two staff present at all times. A single access point can be monitored with a direction sensing Cyphertag® reader and a discreet body counting device, supplied by others, to determine the rule is applie... more >

Wanderer Control

Census® wrist tags and readers have been deployed within a number of Spanish care homes to monitor and control the movements of geriatric patents suffering from Alzheimer's and/or dementia. The readers can be set to raise an alarm should a patient tag be detected in isolation. Alternatively the rel... more >

Conveyor Safety

Cyphertag® “hands free” identification tags and readers provide life-saving services in waste management sites. The full performance monitoring capability of all Cyphertag® loop aerial readers, coupled with the robust performance and longevity of the Cyphertags, have resulted in numerous waste... more >

Automatic Safety Registration

Major industrial users are now using Cyphertag® tags and readers to automatically log staff, contractors and visitors, into and out of, high risk areas. Power stations, shipyards, whiskey distillers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and steel works are just a few of the industries using the technology... more >

Key Monitoring

Census® and Cyphertag® have been used extensively in UK prisons and secure mental hospitals to avoid key compromises from occurring.  Robust uniquely coded key-fob tags are securely attached to the keysets. All exit portals from the establishments are covered with a form of loop aerial reader. Th... more >

Disadvantaged Personnel Access Control

Identec Census® “hands free” readers and tags have been used to enhance campus and accommodation access for physically disadvantage students at a major UK university. Linked to automatic door opening devices sited throughout the university’s campus and linked into the site access management s... more >

Laptop Protection

Stand a-lone Census® loss prevention readers have been installed at a London educational college to monitor the movements of high value items. Laptops and audio visual equipment have been fitted with unique identity Census® tags. The readers detect the unique article tags and activate an audio/vis... more >

Automatic Identification

Cyphertag® - Identec’s latest range of “non-interventional” OEM tags and readers are proving a big success with security system designers and system integrators as they can enhance existing access control installations without any hardware redundancy. The ability of the Cyphertags to coexist... more >

Fork Lift Access

Identec Census® direction sensing readers has been used to increase security and fork lift driver accountability for a major pharmaceutical client. The warehouse entrances are secured by rapid rise roller shutters which are activated by the drivers unique tag which is placed in a small receptacle m... more >